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Today’s topic is: What is a photography workshop and does it really work?

I started doing photography workshops about 2 years ago and it has been one of the most gratifying experience. I absolutely love it and want to continue doing workshops here in New York and expand to all around the country. I started in Miami where I taught beginners classes at first most of my students were housewives and photography enthusiasts. We offer beginners, intermediate and advance classes. The majority of my students do the workshop for fun or to improve their photo taking. But we also have quite a few who after taken a few of my workshop have started their own successful photography business and I’m so proud of them.

In our workshops we start off with the basic. We teach how to operate the camera and take a picture. Than we move on to composition, pose ideas, and how to start your business. Last in the advance classes I teach the student about lighting what to use what not to use. Photo editing and how to market your photography company. I never thought I would love to teaching, but I absolutely do.

The company goal this year is to travel all around the United States doing photography workshops. Why you may ask because I absolutely love photography.  I want to share my passion and  help those that feel the same way that I do. 

Every Photography Workshop needs to be a minimum of 5 to 10 photographers. If you want to learn photography and you are in Texas, California, Las Vegas,New York,Chicago or anywhere in U.S let all your friends know and get a group together for the classes.

I will teach you how to control the light which is the key for a great photo. Of course compositions,poses, white balance and more is also very important. We also teach you how to start your own photography business.

Send us your email for more info about the photography workshops price and days.


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