About Me

Hello and Welcome to Clem Photography. Owner and Photographer Clemente Gomez has been capturing special moments for over 8yrs. Born in Havana, Cuba he immigrated to the United States when he was 12yrs old in 1994 and settled in Miami. He always loved photography since he was a child. He comes from a long line of artist that include musicians, sculptors and architect. Clemente started off as a videographer doing commercials for food trucks and local restaurants, but it wasn’t his true passion. He was always curious about photography. With his job as a videographer he saved enough money and purchased his first inexpensive camera which was under $300 and a $100 dollar lens. He didn’t even use flash. He practice with family and friends taking pictures every day. The more photos he took the more he gained experience. He practice composition, lighting and creativity. When he gain enough experience he felt confident to start promoting, building a clientele and charging. That is how Clem Photography was born. 

Clemente has put all his passion, hours of dedication, blood, sweat and tears into his company. His passion and eye for beauty is shown in every image that he takes. The love he has for his craft shows in his work. In every photo shoot he gets excited and he shares that excitement and love with his clients.  His fun, loving, warm, confident attitude makes all his clients feel at ease. His professionalism and way of speaking to his clients make him top of his game.  
Clemente makes sure his clients get the most beautiful pictures and best experience.  

Clemente Thanks you for stopping by his website and experiencing the beauty and magic of what Clem Photography is. May you always be blessed.

Clemente Gomez